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SALVE's "Make Your Own"

OPTION A) Workshop Series

We have fun making products for you, but did you know we also teach classes? Yep! Gather all your friends, and we'll come to you at your next event!

Choose from our many workshop themes (Mimosas & Masks, Coffee & Scrubs, Tea & Soaks, etc.) or we can customize a class. We'll bring everything to you! Remember us for your next shower or party, and your guests will remember you! For more information,
send us a note
or call 281-684-0755.

(Only available in the following locations: Houston-area; San Antonio, Austin, Fort Worth/Dallas)

How it Works

There is a materials and education fee of $45-$55 per person depending on the workshop. A discount can be considered with groups over 20 people. We bring all the materials needed for each person and teach the workshop at your location.

Each workshop is about 2 hours, and allows for everyone to interact and learn from each other. It's a very fun and memorable experience for the guests. The primary audience for our workshops are adults, but we can customize for younger audiences.

If there's something in particular you're interested in, let me know and I'm sure we can create a workshop around it. We can also do things like making salves or lip balms, etc.

We also offer purely educational lectures as well on chemicals in skin care and ingredients to avoid.


Each session will require access to a bathroom or sink so guests can wash their faces/arms depending on the workshop. Mimosas & Masks guests are asked to bring a hand held or table mirror.

The host can supply any refreshments they choose. We will also need access for everyone to sit at a table. We bring all ingredients, supplies and education materials. We also bring full-size products related to the course for people who are interested in buying larger quantities after the workshop. The host can participate for free in all workshops and can receive free products.

Workshop Themes

Workshops can be modified for your audience and interest. Want another type of spa theme? Just let us know, we can acommodate.

You can choose from workshops like:

Mimosas & Masks
We bring in clays and fresh ingredients and discuss some skin facts and how to blend for skin type. Learn about medicinal oils. Each person will get a face map that they will color based on what they learn. Each person gets their own mask-making kit. The host usually supplies the mimosas.

Coffee & Scrubs
We talk about the various types of scrubs and how to make your own. Each person will get to experience coffee scrubs, salt with fresh ingredients, and learn about the various types of oils for blending; e.g. basic essential oils and base oils such as olive, sesame, almond, grapeseed, etc. Each person will take home their own 8 oz salt scrub. Host supplies the refreshments.

Tea & Salts
Learn about types of bath salts and essential oils for your mood. Basic essential oils introduction. Basic medicinal herbs introduction. Have fun making your own while sharing tea! Each person takes home his own 16 oz bath salts. Host supplies the refreshments.

Aromatherapy Blending
This workshop is an introduction to essential oils and their healing benefits. We'll talk about the history of perfume and essential oils and and the process for making them. We teach about the differences among perfume, eau de toilette, cologne, etc. We bring in about 15 types of essential oil to sniff and learn. We will bring in organic base oil for blending. Each person can blend his own 1 oz pump container or roll-on essential oil perfume to take. We don't use any artificial fragrance.

At Home Parties!

If you don't want the education, and you want to just do a spa party. There are a couple options...

Option B) We can come in and help you to setup spa stations around your home/office/spa. You pay for bulk supply (and other materials) and we'll come and setup the stations for you. Whatever product is left, you keep. We leave before your party starts.

Option C)We come to your party and setup demo stations, and provide the opportunity for your guests to buy products. The host will receive free product depending on the number of guests.


For more information, send us a note or call 281-684-0755.


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