Rough / Dry Emergency Salve

Rough / Dry Emergency Salve
Rough / Dry Emergency Salve Rough / Dry Emergency Salve
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We've added a 5th medicinal Emergency Salve, called Rough/Dry based on increasing customer requests. Finally, something that's great for all skin types, but made for people with dry, rough or flaking skin. This salve is uniquely hand-crafted based on natural medicine, and will not only deeply hydrate and nourish the skin, but it's also a natural exfoliant that will help slough off dead skin while you're going about your day.

These ingredients have been selected because of their anti-inflammitory properties and skin renewal at a cellular level.

Dahlia recently had surgery on her ankle and developed severe contact dermatitis around the ankle. After using this Rough/Dry Emergency Salve, in just 2 days, she noticed considerably less inflamation and the eczema is going away. We aren't allowed to claim that this product treats or cures any diseases, but we want to at least help soothe the irritation you are experiencing.

Great for These Skin Types:
Eczema - Psorioasis - Dry/Rough - Ashy - Flaking - Calluses

Hand-made in USA.
FDA Approved OTC Drug.

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